Safety Features

The os-Series computing power and extensive failsafe mechanisms offer substantial safety benefits during development and customer use, while enabling growth into future airspace integration requirements.

Dual processors

The os-Series features two processors, the 1 GHz Linux computer and an embedded processor. This creates a division between customer software running on the Linux computer and Airware’s software running on the embedded processor. Benefits include –

  • Manual control over the datalink available in the event of Linux computer or user software failure
  • Manual control from an RC receiver can over-ride control during de-bugging, flight testing, and optionally once operational

Hardware Failsafes

Hardware failsafes are integrated into the osFlexPilot and are available externally via CAN for other os-Series products. The hardware failsafe enables connected servos to be controlled by an RC receiver, even in the event of a loss of power to the autopilot.

Linux Computer

The 1 GHz Linux computer integrated into os-Series UAS Development Platforms enables you to develop, add, and extend safety of flight features. The Linux computer and versatile payload interfaces enable seamless growth into future UAS requirements for civil airspace integration. Safety features that can be added include –

  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Other payloads
  • Customer developed safety of flight software
  • Other links to FAA airspace


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