Development Tools

Linux Computer

Software for the on-board Linux computer can be developed to extend, modify, or add features. This can be done with free development tools and requires no additional hardware. Airware’s base software is written in C++, but other languages can be incorporated as well. Airware provides a single hardware independent interface to the INS/GPS solution, system status, sensor data, actuators, datalink radio, and payloads.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation

Every osSeries Autopilot is capable of hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Simulated sensor data can replace physical sensor data at up to 500 Hz for maximum fidelity and is completely transparent to control and mission software.

Debugging Interfaces

A command line interface to the Linux computer is available over the datalink radio or a physical debug connector. Software can be modified and compiled on the autopilot itself.  Alternatively, software can be written remotely, cross-compiled, and debugged from a remote computer using ethernet or optional WiFi. Flight, test, and debug data can be logged onto an SD card at high rates and post processed in MATLAB.

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